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Welcome to Physiofit

Our workouts are one of a kind. 

Innovative workouts, Combining physical therapy techniques with cross-training.

Each class is guided through resistance training and functional movements to increase performance while building strength and trunk stability.

Class spaces are kept limited to ensure safety and personal attention. Plus, every workout has alternative modifications. 

So no matter what your fitness level... 

you will get results. 

Our goal is to get you in shape in the safest way possible. 

All you have to do is make a commitment. 

And Begin Your Journey Today



Physiofit Studio Gym Located in Davie, FL is a one of a kind, hands-on studio that provides elite
fitness training by some of the most skilled and talented Personal Trainers, certified Physio trainers, and fitness instructors in the business.


Our style of training is unique to the market and customizes to support your wellness needs because we combine methods from both physical therapy and cross-fitness to help strengthen the body and prevent future injuries.


So come and join South Florida’s next big revolution by taking the Physiofit challenge because when physical therapy meets cross-fitness the results will ultimately speak for themselves.


Physiofit Testimonial

Physiofit Testimonial

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Boot Camp Classes

A physiotraining instruct members of all fitness levels through high intensity fitness routines. Class sizes are limited to ensure personal attention, and the
regiments are highly focused on injury prevention. Our goal is to get you in shape the safest way

Personal Training

 One of the many benefits of having a personal trainer is they can accommodate your schedule. Offering you consistency & a custom training plan.


Boxing is a great stress reliever. It helps improve cardiovascular health, fat loss, muscle building, balance and confidence! 

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